Do you offer free quotes?

Yes we are happy to call to your home or office and give you a free quote (for air conditioner supply & installs only).

How much will it cost to get air conditioning?

The cost depends on may factors such as size of the space you wish to air-condition, its aspects to east and west, area of glazing. Obviously the bigger the area the greater capacity and hence the cost. We will explain everything in our quote once we see and measure the space.

What air conditioners would you recommend and why?

We are happy to supply and support the following brands include: Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Fujitsu, Haier, Daikin, Toshiba and Panasonic.

Is it cheaper for me to buy my own air-conditioner and get you to install it?

Price is only one element of cost, and it is cheaper in the long run to have an authorised dealer such as P&P Air Conditioning and Appliance Services to provide the supply and installation. If you purchase thru us you can be assured of the correct size unit for your application and the entire installation warranted.

I have bought my own air-conditioner. Can P&P Air Conditioning and Appliance Services install it?

Yes we can install it.

How often should my air conditioner be serviced?

Depends on its use. Owner/Tenant should check and clean filters on a monthly, but no more that 3 monthly basis, and depending on use, a major clean should take place every 12 - 18 months - which should be professionally done as it involves removal of internal components for cleaning.

When is the best time to service my air conditioner?

Usually when you notice the cooling performance or airflow coming from the air conditioner is dropping off. Also as the industry does get busy during the wet season it is prudent, and usually cheaper to plan your air conditioner service/clean during the quieter dry season (May - Aug)

My washing machine stops its cycle and the tub is still full of water?

Check that the "drip dry" switch has not been selected.

My appliance doesn't work and there are no lights on?

Firstly check the power point with another item to see if the power point works. Secondly, check the fuse or circuit breaker has not blown/tripper in the electrical board.

Newly installed dishwasher not pumping out water?

Check that the spigot is drilled out under the sink where the drain hose connects to the "P" trap.

Washing machine or dishwasher constantly draining and not filling?

Is the drain hose laying on the floor or installed lower than the pump or bowl of the appliance? If so, ensure the drain hose is looped upwards and that the loop is higher than the pump or dishwasher and higher than the bowl on the washing machine.

My NEW front loader washing machine is vibrating?

Check the transit bolts that are installed for shipping have been removed. Refer to your product manual for more information.

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